Wood, Glass, and Metal Studios

Fully Equipped

Our fully equipped, clean and organized art studios allow artist plenty of room and piece of mind to execute their projects safely and efficiently.  All work in the studio is guided by our highly experienced staff to make sure that you are learning the necessary skills in order to properly build your product.  We offer courses, apprenticeships, artist-in residences, and studio rentals for craftsmen of any level.



Carpentry Studio

We specialize in a variety of techniques, from the intricacies of dovetail joinery and carving, to the functionality of furniture making.  The woodworking studio is the largest section of the space and includes a table saw, planer, joiner, band saw, contact sander, standing sander, drill press, lathe, and hand tools to  fulfill any need.

Visit our Virtual Woodworking Studio to Learn about tools and techniques employed at the studio.


Glass Blowing

Glass Studio

The Jewish Art Center houses a glass studio for flame working and kiln shaping. The studio also houses a cold working studio with hand equipment, diamond saw, glass edger, and sandblasting equipment. We execute our larger projects at glass blowing facilities in Tel Aviv, Corning, and Pratt. Courses offered at the studio include Borosilicate glass blowing and bead work. Visit our Virtual Glass Studios to Learn about tools and techniques employed at the studio.

Metal Working

Metal Studio

Our specialized metal artists are renowned for Jewelry work, welding, fabricating and foundry work.  The metal studio is fully equipped for any type of project in silver to steel.

Visit our Virtual Metal working Studio to Learn about tools and techniques employed at the studio.



Tour Groups Welcome

Watch artists at work, visit the art gallery, and learn more about interesting woodworking, glass, and metal techniques.  Come for a mini-workshop or a walk around the studio.  The Jewish Artist center is located in the remarkable setting of the Jerusalem Hills, attracting many  for its exciting businesses and its historic natural beauty.  For directions and more information about tours.  Please contact us to arrange a time to visit.

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