Welcome to the Jewish Artist Center’s Virtual Metal Studio

Jewelry making, welding, and foundry

Learn and Appreciate Metal Work

In the virtual studio you have access to numerous valuable instructions and videos to help you re-imagine metal work and improve your metal-working skills. In the following posts you will explore the world of metal through the eyes of the master craftsmen who work at the Artist Center and gain an appreciation for quality material and proper technique. The metal studio also offers courses in jewelry making, welding, and foundry.

Metalworking Equipment

  • Foundry
  • TIG Welder
  • Electric and hand saws
  • Fabricator and lathe

Metal Studio

The metal welding studio is an important part of the metal work produced at the Jewish Artist Center studios.  Watch artists at work at the welding studio.


Welding techniques are used for various construction and sculpture purposes. Welding is the combination of metals to create larger structures of combinations of metal.

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