Become an Artisan

Apprenticeships are offered to artists with some experience with art or tools.  The position is often part time, but involves a regular commitment. An apprentice must be dedicated to a long-term immersion to improve their skills. The more effort an individual puts in the more trusted he becomes with learning new skills a developing his talents. Each person has something different to offer. We notice this early and nurture the student in what they are drawn to and good at. Each apprentice is asked to work on techniques and projects at and above their level to slowly teach them and train their body.

Open Studio Rentals


The Jewish Artist Center allows artists with experience to rent time in the studio to access tools and receive the guidance of the faculty in design and production. After completing a forty-five minute safety tour and showing your ability you are ready to go. Our teachers will assist in the use of tools, improvement of technique,with consideration of design and communication.

Artist in Residence

“It’s all about gaining another perspective”

Experienced artists are invited to send a portfolio of their work along with a proposal for their goals during the residency. Artists-in-Residence will work closely with Jewish Artist Center’s faculty to design and produce a product, sculpture, or furnishing together. By working together both parties have the opportunity to grow and develop their concepts and skills.

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