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About this event:

Created by Gabriel Bass

Jewish Artist Center, Moshav Mata, Israel
ILS 300 /class

Students will learn from the best craftsmen in Israel. All experience levels welcome. You are taught the basic of using a variety of wood carving techniques. Chisel and knife work are the basis and other power and hand tools will be introduced. Classes are small or private, and students learn in a unique setting according to their goals and abilities. Space is limited. Meeting once a week. Join anytime, minimum eight classes.

Our upcoming course will focus on basic carpentry skills and learning to work with solid wood. The curriculum will be guided by the abilities and goals of each student. We will develop an individual woodworking project, individual with each student, and work with them closely from design, to production and finish. They will bring all their finished work home to be proud of.

Date and time are subject to change based on student interest.

Weekly courses are offered in wood, glass, and metal, or the combination of materials. These courses are popular among the local population in Tzur Hadassa, Jerusalem, and Bet Shemesh areas, and some students join from as far as Tel Aviv. Classes are small and a lot of individual attention is given to each student. Students work on projects of their choice within the scope of their abilities. Classes meet for 3 hour sessions at a time flexible for the student.

Contact Us for more information, updated schedules, and registration.


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