This video demonstrates the technique used at Custom Carving for making knobs and handles from borosilicate glass on a torch. We make all the handles for our furnishings and sell the handles separately for those who want to an inspiring touch to furniture, the kitchen, or other spaces.  Each handle is made individually on a threaded pole with separation material. Original graphite molds assure a consistent product. The handle is annealed in the kiln, cooled slowly, and threaded off the pole. The glass handle is then re-threaded permanently with 2 part epoxy to a shorter threaded pole suitable for the thickness of the door. The knobs can be countersunk into the doors for the best flow between the wood and glass. A rubber washer is inset and cannot be seen, which buffers the tight fit of the glass handle against the front of the door, and capped nut tightens further from behind.

View finished knobs and handles

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