Syrian Torah Case

Syrian crown torah case

This Torah case was commissioned to house a 300 year old Torah scroll rescued from Damascus, Syria in September 2001, thanks to assistance of the Syrian Jewish community, as well as the American and Israeli governments. The Torah is being rededicated by the Cohen-Sadan Charitable Trust as a Torah which will be lent out to […]

Young Israel of Greater Miami – Aron Kodesh

Young Israel of Greater Miami built in aron kodesh with eternal light parochet and amud tefillah

Built in Aron Kodesh for the Bet Midrash was completed in July 2016.  You can view the remarkable transition of the ark wall custom built to surround the existing full length torah safe. The entire project consisted of design, production and installation of the Aron Kodesh, two amud tefillah, and bimah torah reading table.  This […]

Custom Stain and Lacquer Wood Finishes

At Bass Synagogue Furniture we use the finest water based stains with three coats of professional grade two part semi-gloss lacquer for an incredibly durable and accurate finish. View the samples below of our most popular stains with two coats of lacquer. All samples were made on African Walnut, the most commonly used wood in the […]

Carved Columns and Crowns for Aron Kodesh

synagogue in progress with twisted carved columns

Watch Israeli craftmen building columns by hand for synagogue Binyan Bracha V’shalom in Kriat Ya’arim, Tel Stone, Israel, near Jerusalem.  The columns were built completely from solid wood, glued together, lathed round, carved by hand in a twisted pattern, and sanded.  Makes passersby want to reach and and touch them. Bass Synagogue Furniture was commissioned […]

Mishkan HaTorah Toronto Synagogue Interior

Toronto Synagogue wood synagogue

Spring 2012    Toronto,  Canada   This exciting project has taken about three months to produce in our studios in Israel.  The more than three tons of woodwork, metal, and glass include interior carpentry, built in Aron Kodesh wainscoting, Bimah, , bulletin boards, 19 tables, and 39 Shtenders. Currently the work is in transit and will be installed […]

Synagogue Shipped

shelves in progress

July 8th- July 12th          Toronto, ON Canada   After more than 3 months of intense production at our studios in Israel, we have shipped the interior carpentry, wainscoting, shelving, tables, bimah, and aron kodesh to the Yeshivas Mishkan HaTorah in Toronto for installation.   Gabriel will be arriving to install the work with local carpenters.  […]

Beth Israel New Orleans

bimah before Katrina

Installed Spring/Summer 2012 New Orleans, USA Bet Israel is one of the oldest synagogues in the southern United States.  Destroyed in the wake of floods from Hurricane Katrina, Custom Carving was asked to help design and create a new Mechitza and Aron Kodesh to match the Bimah which was being reconstructed from the original.   The […]

Kol Ami Eternal Flame

Glass Blowing Taking a Dip

Summer 2012 Vancouver, Washington, USA A Ner Tamid has been commissioned by the Congregation Kol Ami community to be hung from the high ceiling in their beautiful new building. This Ner Tamid will be based on a Ner Tamid previously designed for a synagogue in Bet Shemesh, Israel, featuring 5-8 hand blown and pulled transparent blue and […]

Beit Aleph Meditative Synagogue

bet aleph aron kodesh progress

Location:  Seattle, Washington, USA Rabbi:  Olivier BenHaim When the Bet Alef Congregation came to Israel on a group visit, they visited the Bass Synagogue Furniture studio to experience an extensive tour, browse our showroom, and watch our artists at work.  They were in need of a new Aron Kodesh for their synagogue back home, and began […]

Sephardi Style Torah Case

Sephardi Torah in progress

This Torah case is being built for a community in Queensland, Australia. Building a Sephardi Torah case from solid wood is not a simple process and Bass Synagogue Furniture are among the only specialists in this type of work. By combining traditional methods with the precise performance of modern tools, we are able to create custom and […]