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The Jewish Artist Center offers a variety of courses for all ages and skill levels. We work individually with each student to help shape the curriculum and projects based upon their goals and abilities. In our classes you design and build projects that are meaningful. Guided by our professional staff, you will quickly learn the tools and skills necessary to improve in the technical and creative process, and return home with work that you have made. Courses are offered all year long as weekly courses, intensive workshops, and an accredited programs.

Childrens Chug Yeledim

Children’s Workshop – Chug Yeledim Next Class: November 2018- May 2019 This chug is one of the most enriching after school activities for children. (Parents

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Or schedule a visit, workshop, or class at our glass blowing facilities in the Casarea Archeological site. Our studio sits on the second floor of the ancient Roman built penninsula. We blow glass from 1500 degree furnaces surrounded by large windows, the mediteranean on three sides and the towering ruins coming to life. The roman walkway full of restaurants and art galleries lead the way.

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