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The Studios

Our fully equipped, clean and organized art studios allow artist plenty of room and piece of mind to execute their projects safely and efficiently. All work in the studio is guided by our highly experienced staff to make sure that you are learning the necessary skills in order to properly build your product. We offer courses, artist opportunities and studio rentals for craftsmen of any level. Materials are available on site or can be ordered through the studio.

Woodworking tools:

-400mm Precision panel Saw with sliding table, digital read outs. *New 2018

-510mm Planer / Thicknesser with spiral head for perfect finish every time. digital read out.  *New 2018

-1000mm wide surface sander with three levels of sandpaper to polished finish with almost no effort.

Childrens Chug Yeledim

Children’s Workshop – Chug Yeledim Next Class: November 2018- May 2019 This chug is one of the most enriching after school activities for children. (Parents are welcome and encouraged to join as well.) It is important to train our hands in hand-eye coordination from a young age. It is particularly gratifying for children, as it is for adults,  to create

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Woodworking Tools and Techniques

Woodworking tools and techniques *This class is required for use of equipment either in other classes or in order to rent studio time. You can receive an exception from taking the entire class if you have enough previous experience, but will still need to register for a two-hour introductory session.   This class is suggested for anyone that wants to start

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Or schedule a visit, workshop, or class at our glass blowing facilities in the Casarea Archeological site. Our studio sits on the second floor of the ancient Roman built penninsula. We blow glass from 1500 degree furnaces surrounded by large windows, the mediteranean on three sides and the towering ruins coming to life. The roman walkway full of restaurants and art galleries lead the way.

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