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Have a project in carpentry, furniture, or glass you want to design and build? Want it to come out looking professional? Want to really improve a skill? Online technology has allowed us to generate a unique curriculum to suit your needs. We meet with you in one on one through video conferencing four times throughout the project for one hour. You are in your space with your tools, and we are in our studio with our tools and experience. Meeting face to face from anywhere in the world. We help you to design and plan your project from beginning to end. You will learn the correct sequence and techniques for producing the project in the most professional and efficient way. Tips and Tricks along the way. You will also receive course materials and references, as well as unlimited whatsapp mentorships throughout the project to help along the way.

3,000 NIS

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The Studio to Studio mentorship program is a revolutionary concept to allow for online learning, customized to suit every student. We want to help you learn and become inspired, while producing an incredible product with your own hands. The material things and furniture we interact with every day impacts our daily experience. Why not make it special. No matter what your project, from a Pergola in your backyard, to a dining room table, or torah ark for your synagogue, we will guide and train you through the project into a better woodworker and artisan.

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Located in the beautiful scene of the Golan Heights of Israel, our studios are an inspriation to all. We are surrounded by wine country, flowing waterfalls year-long, and incredible communities. On location, we house a professional art gallery space, offer tours and artist demonstrations, or feel free to just come by to say hello.

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