Studio to Studio Masterclass

This class is all about you, arranged completely around your schedule, goals, skills, development. We help you to succeed at any project you put your mind to. I am sure you have a project that you have been wanting and waiting to do, but you are not sure how to approach it, design it, build, or finish it. Now our master craftsmen are available for you online video from your studio to ours at the time that works for you.

Pay $80 per forty-five minute meeting or $300 in advance for a series of 4 meeting consultation.

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The Studio to Studio mentorship program is a revolutionary concept to allow for online learning, customized to suit every student. No matter what your project, from a Pergola in your backyard, to a dining room table, or torah ark for your synagogue, we will guide and train you through the project into a better woodworker and artisan. The material things and furniture we interact with every day impacts our daily experience. Why not make it special, and make it ourselves. Join the revolution!

Come visit us, by appointment only.

Located in the beautiful scene of the Golan Heights of Israel, our studios are an inspriation to all. We are surrounded by wine country, flowing waterfalls year-long, and incredible communities. On location, we house a professional art gallery space, offer tours and artist demonstrations, or feel free to just come by to say hello.

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