The Jewish Artist Center in Israel was founded as an opportunity for artists to learn from and work together. Our spacious wood, glass, and metal studios provides every tool necessary for beginner to experienced artist to work in an efficient and comfortable manner.

The JAC staff is always available to guide you through the process of creation, from design to technical training, to assure that you are proud of the work you produce. You will be learning from the best! Become a part of our community by registering for tours, mini-workshops, courses, studio rental, residencies, and apprenticeships.

Come visit us, by appointment only

      Located in the beautiful scene of the Golan Heights of Israel, our studios are an inspriation to all. We are surrounded by wine country, flowing waterfalls year-long, and incredible communities. On location, we house a professional art gallery space, offer tours and artist demonstrations, or feel free to just come by to say hello.

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