Have the tools and drive to design and build your own furniture? Want to do a professional job and need an expert to consult with? Introducing a revolutionary opportunity for mentorship. Work directly with our Master Craftsman Gabriel Bass on any project you have in mind. He can help you through any project from the design stage, through production, and installation. Receive the proper guidance and training through zoom, whatsapp, or telephone.

Price per 45 minute mentorship meeting.

200 NIS

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Schedule a meeting before you start a project to work out the design and steps of achieving your goals. Talk to us throughout your project for tips and tricks to keep the work professional and efficient. We can follow up with you upon completion to discuss any improvements to the design or production.  Whether you a beginner, experienced, or professional, we all improve tremendously by consulting with highly experienced professionals in the field.

Come visit us, by appointment only.

Located in the beautiful scene of the Golan Heights of Israel, our studios are an inspriation to all. We are surrounded by wine country, flowing waterfalls year-long, and incredible communities. On location, we house a professional art gallery space, offer tours and artist demonstrations, or feel free to just come by to say hello.

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