Woodworking: Tools and Techniques

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This class is suggested for anyone that wants to start or develop their skills in the art of woodworking. Our studio fully-equipped, organized, and safe environment is the perfect place to learn the most advance machinery, as well as intriguing hand tools. In the course we learn about wood as a material; the intricacies and meaning of following wood-grain. We teach you the fundamentals of the tools and equipment used to manipulate wood. You will learn how to choose and sharpen the tools you use to get the most out of them. Additionally, you are taught all the tricks and hidden learning behind efficient use of these tools, from years of experience by the best wood craftsmen in Israel. Of course, we will also emphasize safety. You will gain all the knowledge needed to use the tools and equipment on your own. You will take a test at the end of the course and will be awarded a certification for using either some or all of the equipment.

*This class is required for use of equipment either in other classes or in order to rent studio time. You can receive an exception from taking the entire class if you have enough previous experience, but will still need to register for a two-hour introductory session.

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