Introduction to Flameworking Glass

Learn how to blow and manipulate warm glass with specialized torches!

Explore glass blowing, soft and hard glass sculpture, bead making, and more….

April 16th – May 18th

4 Meetings, lasting one and a half hour, once a week (TBA – best time according to registered participants schedules)

We will open as many classes as needed to fulfill as many students schedules as possible.

1,000 NIS

Minimum of 2, and maximum of 6 per class

Materials and tools included

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Flameworking is the process of melting bars and tubes of glass with torches in order to blow or otherwise manipulate the shape. Many beautiful functional, wearable, and decorative items can be made this way. The colors, textures, and luminosity of glass is as mesmerizing as the techniques used to create them. You will be amazed by the excitement of learning the glass making process.

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Located in the beautiful scene of the Golan Heights of Israel, our studios are an inspriation to all. We are surrounded by wine country, flowing waterfalls year-long, and incredible communities. On location, we house a professional art gallery space, offer tours and artist demonstrations, or feel free to just come by to say hello.

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