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Bass Synagogue Furniture is located in the heart of the Golan Heights, Israel. Known as the wine country, visitors also flock to the Golan for hiking, waterfalls, and pleasant people. The heights impose incredible views of the Sea of Galilee below and the towering Mount Hermon to the north.

You can find us on second avenue in the newly developed Industrial zone of Katrin. Fields surround the studios on all sides and the sourroundings are stunning.  

You are welcome by appointment any time. We offer two-hour workshops one time workshops for families and groups, as well as weekly courses, and studio rental. Or come drop by to visit our gallery and hear a little about our work.

Or schedule a visit, workshop, or class at our glass blowing facilities in the Casarea Archeological site. Our studio sits on the second floor of the ancient Roman built penninsula. We blow glass from 1500 degree furnaces surrounded by large windows, the mediteranean on three sides and the towering ruins coming to life. The roman walkway full of restaurants and art galleries lead the way.

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